FreeNAS 8.0.4

2012-06-26 04:26:32 +0000

After the update to 12.04 for my ubuntu-based file server went awry, I took another look at the FreeBSD based FreeNAS as a replacement. Turns out it was pretty easy to set up and I’m digging how it runs

The Good:

The not so good:

I did run into a couple of other problems. Trying to copy data back to the server I got these pesky Error - 50 messages that would abort the copy over AFP. Turns out from looking at the logs, I had a number of  .AppleDouble files I needed to delete first to get the copy  using a

find . -d -name .AppleDouble -exec rm -rf '{}' \;

I also have a few scripts that use rsync to copy data around on a regular basis and need to use key based authentication with SSH however for that was giving me woes at first as well. Turns out looking at the logs I need to go back and make sure the permissions and ownership of all the mount directories (something like this) were correct otherwise SSHD gets grumpy.