2012-07-17 05:00:48 +0000

With the wife happily moved over to an iPad for most of her computing needs (and the laptop back in my grubby hands) we needed something for her to be able to print from iOS since although my little HP laserjet 1012 is fairly old, it keeps chugging right along and I’m too cheap to rush out and buy yet another printer unless I need it.

There were a couple of solutions that cost a couple bucks, but turns out there is also AirPrint Activator which seems to work just fine as magical airprint glue for either local or shared printers. I just run that from my desktop (which is running more often than not) and we can print from all our random iOS devices - not that elegant, but the price is right.

Still happy with the FreeNAS box, swapped motherboards to a sandy bridge based gigabyte board and put in a i3 2120t since I don’t need that much umph to serve our family and its running even better than the old phenom II. Tempted to update to full FreeBSD so I can dink around more with it … nah, it works and don’t have the time.