A Bit of Git

2012-02-18 22:55:32 +0000

I’ve been playing around with git for a while now for my own projects and thought I’d give a couple of quickie shout outs to some useful sites & tools. Via total coincidence, turns out they are both from *Atlassian even though I came to them independently.

First of all, after you download the command line tools and start to get familiar with them if you’re like me you also want a graphical tool in your pocket. If you’re just messing around you might not want drop a lot (or any) cash either on something like Tower either. If thats the case, I’ve found SourceTree works decently, looks nice, and is the right price (free). Too bad I grabbed it from the App Store, looks like there are some issues with the upcoming restrictions there and you’ll have to grab it straight from their site instead.

Next, you might want somewhere external to host. Of course everyone has heard of GitHub and thats great if you have a few open source projects you would like to share, but what if you just want something for your personal stuff? GitHub wants $7/mo minimum in this case  but for up to 5 collaborators, BitBucket gives you unlimited repos for free. Nice!

*Atlassian: I still wish you hadn’t removed wiki markup from Confluence …grrr